Your standard seat selection

Do you prefer the window or the aisle? Are you traveling as a family?
Do you want to know where you are sitting as soon as you book your trip?
If you would like to sit in a particular seat, benefit from a larger seat selection or make sure you can sit with your travel companions, we recommend that you choose your seat in advance.

Opt for more choice

In order to provide the widest possible selection to passengers who want to know where they are sitting in advance, we offer a standard seat selection service.

This service, offered for a fee, is available in the Economy cabin on long-haul flights provided by AIR FRANCE or KLM.

The standard seat selection is offered for a fee of €20 per seat and per flight.

You may also pay using your Flying Blue Miles or Blue Credits.
Flying Blue Silver, Gold and Platinum members, passengers with an Economy Flex fare ticket, passengers with reduced mobility and children traveling alone receive the standard seat selection service at no extra charge.
Special conditions apply to families traveling with children.

How to purchase this service

You can select your seat when purchasing your ticket and up to 30 hours before your flight’s departure.

Choose your seat when you purchase your ticket:
- Online, on the Air France website or on our app
- At an Air France ticket office or at a travel agency
- By phone with one of our representatives

Choose your seat after purchasing your ticket and up to 30 hours before your flight's departure:
- In the “Your reservations” area on our site
- At an Air France ticket office or a travel agency
- By phone with one of our representatives

Free standard seat selection for all passengers, starting 30 hours before departure

Standard seat selection is still available at no extra charge for everyone when checking in online starting 30 hours before departure or at the airport.
Even more choice with Seat Options
Travel with more leg room, enjoy the calm of the upper deck of the A380 or take advantage of Duo seats in rows of two…
Treat yourself to something more with a Seat Option!

Flying Blue members

Are you a Flying Blue Silver, Gold or Platinum member? Standard seat selection is provided at no extra charge to you and your travel companions, as long as they are included on your reservation file. Remember to provide your Flying Blue card number when you purchase your ticket.

If you are a Flying Blue Ivory member, you can use your Miles to purchase this service. It is also available to you for a fee of €20. You can purchase this service in the “Your reservations” area.

Economy Flex fare ticket

Are you traveling with an Economy Flex fare ticket?
You receive standard seat selection at no extra charge. Choose your seat when you purchase your ticket or later in the “Your reservations” area.

Families and children

Families traveling with children

If you are traveling as a family with at least one child (14 years of age or younger), we will reserve your seats, free of charge, at the latest two days before your flight. We will do everything we can to make sure you can travel together and sit next to each other. To make this possible, all of your family members must be included in the same reservation file.

Your seat location is indicated on your boarding passes, provided during online check-in or at the airport.

If you would like to choose specific seats, you can select your seats in advance for a fee of €20 per seat and per flight.

Please note that standard seat selection for a fee is not available online for families traveling with infants under 2 years of age. To purchase this service, we ask that you contact us after purchasing your ticket.

Children traveling alone

For children traveling alone and receiving the Kids Solo service, standard seat selection is provided at no extra charge when purchasing the ticket. Please indicate during the booking process that your child is traveling alone.
You can choose your child's seat at no extra charge:
- When purchasing your ticket online
- After purchasing your ticket, in the “Your reservations” area.

Passengers with reduced mobility

If you have a disability or reduced mobility, you can choose a standard seat at no extra charge when you book your ticket. During the booking process, please provide all of the personal details needed to take advantage of this free service.

Changes to your seat selection

If you want to change your flight or your travel date, you can transfer your standard seat selection to your new flight in the "Your reservations" area.
If the seat you had initially selected is not available on your new flight, or if it no longer suits you, you can obtain a refund. To do so, please submit your request from the "Contact us" area.
For security, safety or operational reasons, we may be required to change the seat you reserved. If you are not satisfied with the new seat selection, you can:
- Change it in the “Your reservations” area

- Obtain a refund online, by completing the request form provided on the “Contact us” page.
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