Bardo National Museum, a national treasure

Bardo National Museum, a national treasure

Opened in 1930, this museum tells the prehistoric story of Algeria.

African paleolithic appeared in Algeria. In the 1920's, the first material traces of this civilisation were discovered by the archaeologist Maurice Reygasse, turning the country into a hotspot for prehistory. This man who dedicated his life to the origins of Algeria, filing and recording collections, opened the museum in 1930, for the 100th anniversary of the French involvement in Africa. Before that time, the building was a summer house for notable inhabitants of Algiers.
The Ottoman style has not been respected all the way since gardens and fountains have been added. Lots of rare items have been remarkably well preserved. They include hunting weapons, drawings and ostriches' eggs used as bottles. Do not miss the King's mistress' room, which reproduces the refinement of women quarters, nor the Tuareg room. It contains the mythical skeleton of the Queen Tin Hinan.

Musée Public National du Bardo-Algérie
3, avenue Franklin Roosevelt
16100 Algiers

+213 21 61 26 77