Cirque de Cilaos, a haven of peace

Cirque de Cilaos, a haven of peace

Lovers of walks in the very heart of nature should visit the Cirque de Cilaos, a unique site created by the erosion and collapse of the Piton des Neiges walls.

Cilaos, a pleasant town decorated with flowers, is in the centre of Réunion, in the natural amphitheatre of the same name. Embellished with a pond named Mare Reeds and the starting point for many tours on foot or by car, it is considered an important site for outdoor sports.

Accessible by road from Saint-Louis, the area is famous for its water, which is distributed throughout the island, its lentil cultivation, as well as for its embroidery crafts, which use a famous embroidery technique known as Jours de Cilaos (Cilaos Days). It also boasts a vineyard, the cellar of Cilaos, producing young but very promising wines. Located in the Massif south of Piton des Neiges, the remarkable Cirque de Cilaos is easily discovered via Bras Rouge waterfall trail.

For a breathtaking view, do not miss the Roche Merveilleuse trail: just follow the Bras Sec road, which offers a stunning panorama of the immense Cirque de Cilaos.