Dar al-Makhzen, royal palace and seat of the government

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Dar al-Makhzen, royal palace and seat of the government

Built in 1864, upon the ruins of the former royal palace, Dar al-Makhzen proudly stands in the heart of Rabat and is the seat of the government today.

Dating back to the mid-19th century, the Royal Palace of Rabat consists of a mosque, barracks for the guard, a royal college, a small racecourse and various government buildings. While it is currently only an administrative building, its architecture remains a gem of Moroccan culture. Structures are covered with sloping green tile roofs, elegantly surrounded by gardens and large courtyards.

On the forecourt of the entrance known as the “mechouar”, celebrations in honour of the king unfold. While the private residence of Mohammed VI is established in the famous Dar es Salam district of Rabat, it hosts many receptions at Dar al-Makhzen, like the royal palaces of Meknes, Agadir, Tetouan, Fez or Tangier. For security reasons, access to the compound is restricted to authorized persons and groups accompanied by official guides. Nevertheless, the monument is well worth the detour. In addition to being the seat of the government, the Royal Palace of Rabat currently houses a Moroccan art museum, to learn more about the craft of a country full of treasures and history.

Dar el-Makhzen