Discover the Anne Frank House

Discover the Anne Frank House

Anne Frank wrote her famous diary while hidden in a little room of this house during the Nazi occupation.

It is impossible to visit Anne Frank's house without a certain amount of emotion. Forced to live hidden with her family for two years, the young girl addressed her account of daily life between 1942 and 1944 to an imaginary friend: 'Today, I only have depressing news to announce,' she wrote in October 1942.

'Many of our Jewish friends are little by little being taken away by the Gestapo, which does not spare them.' This is what eventually happened to her family. Denounced, arrested, deported to the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen, Anne Frank died of typhus at 15 years of age in March 1945. Only her father survived. Her diary was published several years later to worldwide acclaim.

Personal objects and extracts of her texts are exhibited here, bringing this tragic period to life. Don't hesitate to bring your children for an incredible history lesson.

Anne Frank House
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