Grand Post Office, symbol of “Algiers the White”

Grand Post Office, symbol of “Algiers the White”

On your way to the docks, the Grand Post Office is well worth a visit. Its white facade displaying large arcades is one of the city jewels.

True urban landmark, the Grand Post Office raises its neo-moorish profile between the sea and the centre of “Algiers the White”. In order to design it, Jules Voinot and Marius Toudoire reinterpreted the country's national architecture, what resulted in one of the most representative monuments of the Algerian capital. At the time used as the central post office, its dimensions, riches and earthenware tend to make it a palace rather than an administrative building.
After going up a large marble staircase, the inside of the building, richly-decorated, is slowly revealed when passing hardwood doors topped with a sumptuous arabesque porch.
Impossible to miss in the central room, the dome is the masterpiece of the entire place, a prowess of stucco and arab-styled ornamentation. Do not miss this Algerian hotspot of yesteryears, suffused with a singular atmosphere.

Grand Post Office
Rue Larbi Ben M'hidi
16000 Algiers

+213 23 92 32 00