Journey into South African artist Irma Stern's house

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Journey into South African artist Irma Stern's house

In Cape Town's Rosebank neighbourhood, the museum dedicated to Irma Stern is located in the 20th-century expressionist artist's home.

Hidden behind a high wall, the Irma Stern museum is invisible from the street. It pays tribute to the South African artist, all in the midst of her last home. Visitors will first have a look at some of her first portraits and landscapes brought back from Zanzibar, a country the artist loved. Drawings, paintings, ceramics and sculptures are to be found along the other rooms, the dining room and the art studio. Associated with the German expressionist movement, the artist unveils colourful paintings at her home, showcasing traditional African elements. Her personal collection gathered during her travels is also an essential part of the tour, including a mid-19th-century Congolese tool from Buli Master. Finally, enter the world of Irma Stern's own world and visit the reconstructed art studio, where you will see the easel, palette, tubes of paint and brushes she used at the time. During the tour, you will experience a strange feeling: the artist passed away in 1966 but you can almost sense she's ready to resume her work.

Irma Stern Museum
25 Cecil Road
7700 Cape Town

+27 (0)21 685 5686