Jurançon: follow the wine route

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Jurançon: follow the wine route

Jurançon is a wine that enthusiasts are rediscovering and that young winemakers are raising to excellence.

Its name comes not from the Jura region of France, but the city of Jurançon, which is close to Pau, the area of its original terroir. The lords of Bearn were great fans of this golden wine, and had their own vineyards. Legend has it that Henry IV drank a drop at his baptism. The vineyards had fallen into disuse until a number of young winemakers, its new royal court, brought it to the fore in the 1990s.

Ask some great chefs what they think of its body and taste. They declare their love for its white peach aromas and toasted almonds, its delicate scent of juniper and acacia when it's dry, and for its honey and candied fruit accents when it's sweet. Its grape varieties?  Manseng, Petit Manseng, and Petit Courbu. Nestled in sunny valleys, the vineyards are planted on terraces and in amphitheatres.

It is as beautiful to look at, as it is to taste. Seek it out! It will encourage you to discover how it complements a sumptuous salmon from the Adour or a mountain trout.

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