Kulte Gallery: the cult gallery for contemporary art

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Kulte Gallery: the cult gallery for contemporary art

Much more than an exhibition space, this gallery is an incubator for new talents that then becomes their showcase.

In the evening, on the sidewalk of Benzerte Street, a pianist is playing John Cage and Bartók while a Tetouan artist makes stencils of yellow bats; these are clues that you are not far from the Kulte Gallery. The eleven artists exhibiting are ‘figures' of the Moroccan contemporary scene. Yasmina Naji, director of the gallery and also a founder of the Foundation for the Arts, Design, and Architecture, is an ardent supporter of her country's creative talents. This is why it is important to visit this ‘place of ideas and forms of exchange' in which you'll find emerging painters, photographers, and sculptors whose perceptions are reflected in pictures and words. The gallery organises exhibitions and happenings while doing terrific editorial work. You can take these books, which open your eyes to this other world, home in your luggage.

Kulte Gallery
Rue Benzart

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