La Bonne Marmite

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La Bonne Marmite

Specialising in traditional Creole cuisine, La Bonne Marmite unveils a host of recipes for Réunion-style curries prepared in large pots on a wood fire.

Located near Trou d'Eau beach, at the southern exit of La Saline, this popular island restaurant offers Réunion wood-fired cuisine.

Here you will find the best Creole curry, the local speciality made with turmeric, thyme and ginger, served in buffet style to suite all tastes. La Bonne Marmite offers a multitude of variations such as chicken curry, bichiques curry (tiny fried fish), curried prawns… all different and original, and cooked in the traditional way over the fire oven in large pots! This excellent buffet will delight your taste buds with its authentic and delicious recipes.

The quality is undeniable and you are certain to receive a warm to this restaurant set in a pleasant tropical atmosphere bathed in the sound of the gentle surf of the lagoon that is typical to the island.

La Bonne Marmite
68 ter route du Trou d'Eau
97434 La Saline-les-Bains

+262 (0)2 62 45 46 92

Menu: around 22 EUR