The Pointe au Sel blowhole in Saint-Leu

The Pointe au Sel blowhole in Saint-Leu

One of Réunion's natural curiosities, this geological phenomenon astounds with the intensity of its bursts of mist coming from the ocean depths.

The Piton des Neiges once an active volcano, belched lava flows across a vast swathe of the island. One of these flows created a cliff that is now the region of Pointe au Sel.

Just outside of Saint-Leu, located on the coast of the town, a very popular natural curiosity awaits: the blowhole. Under the pressure of waves, a strong jet of spray several metres high erupts through a small funnel-shaped collapse in the arch of this underwater cave. The magmatic particularity of the coastline is at the origin of this impressive phenomenon. During strong storms of extreme intensity, it is a place of grandiose natural spectacle. To get there, go south from Saint-Leu and look for a sign directing you to Le Souffleur (The Blowhole) on National Route 1.

You can get there by car: parking has been arranged for visitors and a staircase will allow you to access the site.