The wealth of the city of Saint-Pierre

The wealth of the city of Saint-Pierre

As a cosmopolitan city with a rich history in Réunion, Saint-Pierre is considered to be both a modern and unusual city.

Nicknamed the "southern capital", Saint-Pierre is the third most populous city of Réunion. A vast agricultural and maritime town, it has a large port with a long boulevard along the Indian Ocean and walking it is highly recommended.

Saint-Pierre, a rich and vibrant city, stands out for the diversity of its cultures and ethnic groups. All co-exist in a warm and peaceful atmosphere to the delight of its visitors. A real melting pot, the city has a small fishing port, Tamil and Chinese temples, mosques and churches. In the heart of downtown, you can take the charming Des Bons Enfants shopping street and dwell on the beautiful covered market stalls offering a wide variety of spices and handicrafts. The Saint-Pierre market is open every day except Sunday. Steps away you will find a media library, which is located within the grounds of the old shops of the East India Company.

In the upper town, immerse yourself in the old-world charm of the town's ancient and atypical colonial houses.