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Reunion Island, a tropical paradise just a few hours from Paris

With your plane ticket to Reunion Island, get ready to experience a true tropical paradise and an unforgettable vacation. The island boasts a natural and cultural heritage that makes it worth boarding a flight to Saint-Denis-de-la-Réunion from the French capital.

Whether you are athletic and fond of water sports, a fan of relaxing on the beach or an avid hiker, Reunion Island has something for you. With its 800,000 inhabitants descended from several centuries of cultural blending, Reunion Island has much more to offer beyond its natural resources. Generous and welcoming, this island located 10,000 kilometers from Paris will sweep you off your feet with its diverse landscapes and its traditions. While diving in the island's marine reserve, you may come across dolphins, whales and exotic fish. Over 3,500 marine species await you! Fans of water sports can take advantage of a wide range of thrilling activities. The island boasts over 30 kilometers of beaches, and if you enjoy hiking, the mountains of Reunion Island will wow you with their pitons, cirques and ramparts, which have been classified by UNESCO as World Heritage since 2010. When it comes to volcanic landscapes, Reunion Island has plenty to offer: the Piton de la Fournaise and the neighbouring Piton des Neiges provide enchanting and fascinating scenery, with their impressive volcanic activity.

Take advantage of your flight to Saint-Denis-de-La-Réunion to explore the city, its cathedral and mosque, its park including the Museum of Natural History, and its pedestrian downtown area, which is ideal for shopping. While walking along the coast, you will come across the barachois, a vestige of another era with its canons facing the sea.